This dynamic combination,Can make this car weight2.3Tons of big guys in11.6Accelerate from zero to100Kilometers per hour,To know,This is the fifties,at that time,This series of data is simply against the sky!

Miyamoto,The spare parts are also spared no expense,for example,Blue-green metal brushed panel used in the dashboard of the car,The processing and manufacturing of this material is very difficult,High cost,even though30After a year, few OEMs are willing to use this material,Only Ferrari、Lamborghini and other top-notch sports car manufacturers are willing to use it,And brag about it,But […]


The two quarreled for a while,Finally saw Hu’s luxury car,Wave quickly,Attract Hu’s attention。 “Wish brother、Luo brothers,Waited a long time?”Populus parking,Let them sit back。 Seeing Brother Hu’s attitude,Blessing and Luo Bufan breathed a sigh of relief,Sure enough, if the live broadcast is like that,No shelf,Easily accessible。 “Haven’t waited long!Turn right ahead of Brother Hu,Let’s go to […]

Tian Xingyao heard what the boss said,Eyes lit up immediately,Said:“Not bad,It’s really a good idea。”

The lady boss raised the wine glass on the table,Then toast to Tian Xingyao:“it is good,It was so happy decision!” Tian Xingyao also raised his glass,Said:“Cheers!” The voice fell off,The lady boss and Tian Xingyao touched their glasses,I finished the glass of wine in the glass。 Lin Yuna slept until after eleven o’clock before waking […]


Liu Daliang looked at Chen Geng blankly,Cry in my heart“Fucking!”:What do you mean?Chen Geng actually felt that the construction cost of this project was very cheap?! Leilani·Taylor faintly added:“boss,Can’t do that,If this project is real,If we take this overall design directly,Not only can help this project reduce costs,Can also reduce our construction costs。” This big […]

Angel Yan has no desire to continue communicating with Reina,I looked directly at Zhao Xin“About your request,I will report to Queen Keisha,As for what to do next,Then it depends on your luck!”

Finished talking,Angel Yan directly flaps his wings,Fly towards the sky。 Xin Zhao stared blankly at Angel Yan Feiyuan’s figure,His eyes are wretched。 “I say bitch believe,What did you say to Angel Yan just now?honestly,Tell me exactly!”For Xin Zhao,Lena really doesn’t dare to overestimate this guy’s integrity。 She feels if she can,Angel civilization sends an angel […]

Due to the particularity of mental illness,The place where Jiang Yan and the doctor Yinyue met was not in the clinic,But choose a restaurant near the clinic。Although this way the cost will be much higher,But it’s nothing to Jiang Yan and Qin Feng。

“Are we here for cake?”When I found the car parked outside the dessert shop,Wang Mengmeng’s eyes glowed instantly。 “Yes,See a friend by the way!” Qin Feng and Jiang Yan didn’t even mention Du Jialing’s situation with Wang Mengmeng,After all, they are afraid of bad things about Wang Mengmeng,Because this kind of thing is more sensitive,A […]

Standing by, Murong Qianxue saw the man enter the state of cultivation,Eyes beating unconsciously,After watching for a long time, he turned and left。

She can’t stay here forever,Maybe the moment she waits for the other person to practice is when she leaves,Maybe he hasn’t practiced yet,She has left。 After Murong Qianxue left,This is really in a mysterious world,Not just the jade platform where Xia Chenglong is,Including this small lake。 “Sanqing Taijue!”A scroll cannot measure its level of exercises,And […]

now,Everyone stared at Master Wu Hao,Let’s see how he reacts,Will you stop here?,Knowingly,Still take advantage of the opportunity to get out,Retreat first!

“Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood!Master Wu Hao,Let’s avoid it first?”Someone can’t help but whisper from behind。 in fact,Many people present know it well,The Great Priest of Gaia and King Ning,It is probably the initiator of erasing the spatial coordinates,The culprit,It’s a pity that these two are really big shots,High weight,Even if […]

The major forces began to attack under the former leadership of Xia Chenglong,In the current situation,Can’t stop。

So countless warriors are fighting with these three behemoths,As for Xia Chenglong and the others,Of course it is to leave quickly。 Although the three-headed guy is strong,After all, it can’t resist the mad bombing of everyone,So they will come。 But I am very embarrassed,They have to go ahead! ———— Chapter Eighty Five trouble Sixth-level spirit […]

Such parents,Such a maiden family,What’s the use of coming?

Just when Liu Chunlan wanted to end all relations with Liu’s family,Just heard“Snapped”A bang。 Everyone was stunned。 After a short shock,Everyone followed that“Snapped”Looked over。 Liu Neng actually beat Wang Dahua! Although everyone knows that Liu Neng punches and kicks Wang Dahua, that is a very normal thing.,but,So in front of everyone,It was the first time […]